Job markets r-evolutions

Apparently, not much has happened in the online job-markets since became the 800-lb. gorilla. Contenders have either been devoured by, or stayed on life support due to the hopes Yahoo! and its likes have for this market. All this would have made for a boring landscape, in which the process of looking for a job on Monster is like asking your current HR person for a job with another company, had it not been for a new concept introduced by companies like LinkedIn or Doostang. These companies leverage the salient feature of job markets, that is networking. Your typical candidate, for once, becomes a multi-faceted entity, represented as such, that reveals a wealth of information before you even make a phone call. The job market is among the first to capitalize on concepts such as markets as conversations or social networks. There is so much more to happen before late.

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fCh said...

At this time, listing job offers with Doostang is still free.

Since they offer free services, here's a comment I posted there:

They are certainly at a stage when they need all the feedback one can spare.