Mobile-phone Wish list

Here's a mobile-phone (unordered) wish list I compiled from answers I got on LinkedIn:

  • It doesn't drop calls;
  • Being able to call my phone (from another phone) and redirect all incoming calls to a number I specify;
  • Better voice recognition software;
  • VoIP calls and service switching to a my Wi-Fi network when I get to the office or home automatically--without an additional fee;
  • A "cell phone station" where you plug in the cell phone and all regular phones connected to the station respond to the cell phone;
  • GPS, for one, paired with Google Earth or Mapquest or whichever makes the highest bid to get in bed with my service provider;
  • A to-do and task list that syncs with the lists on my computer;
  • A universal contact storage so it doesn't matter which phone you have, they all sink to it;
  • A telnet terminal program;
  • The possibility to remove useless applications from my mobile phone;
  • Audible indications when a call is genuinely connecting, when the phone decides to quit trying, and when a call drops;
  • A virtual assistant--a rule-based framework that can be trained to pick up calls and reply in some interactive way, for example to offer re-scheduling a call, making sure that schedules neither overlap with each other nor with important calendar events, or to speak out selected messages based on (for example) which number is calling.

And now, here's the best answer from Kevin Howe-Patterson, with Nortel:
Get me all the way from the airport front door (paying for taxi) to my hotel room without stopping at desks, kiosks, check-in stands or have to waive some type of crazy paper boarding pass, credit card, airline card, .... All-in-one electronic service. Give me that and I'll be happy. Checking out and getting back home the same way would be nice too.