Technology, the tail that wags the dog

Mostly due to my education, when I started these blogs, I had thought that technology was a force for good.  In fact, I did not even think that, I just looked to fit into the techno-world that for me was simply the world.

Meanwhile, personal experience and intuitions confirmed/reinforced by readings have turned me into a techno-skeptic.  For example, the idea of gain of function research ought to curb the enthusiasm of any techno-phile.  Technolgy is no longer a means for serving man's needs, but an end onto itself where the man serves as the means.  Surely, my stance  is not enough to save myself, not to say anything about the world.  

In my youth, AndrĂ© Malraux reportedly said about the future, “The twenty-first century will be religious or it will not be at all.”  Surely he did not mean spiritual, as religious is being translated, not only with regard to this quote.  Moreover, Malraux could not have had in mind a secularized form of religion, such as our worship for progress, technology or... green.  

I also think that if we are to be saved, religion has to be  reinstated.  Renewed or, if time permits, anew.