MicroYahoo, Cui prodest?

  • Google should only try to make it expensive for Microsoft (start a bidding war and leave the curse of the winner befall Microsoft);
  • Microsoft will finally have made the capital mistake--what will have been Microsoft's most significant loss/win? Mr. Ballmer himself.
  • Yahoo! will lose the game (beginning with R&D talent);
  • The financial community will stand to make great fees;
  • The regulators will make a mistake to let it happen (see the next point);
  • Per chance a deal goes through and a merger happens, the customers will be worse off for there are going to be fewer choices;
  • The smaller players in Silicon Valley will lose an exit strategy (i.e. being acquired by Yahoo! or Microsoft);
Then, why is it that some take so much to learn? Let's say it's the competitive advantage of others.

Ideally, Yahoo! will be given more time, but time looks like the ultimate luxury. Something that after the decline of private equity players only a sovereign wealth fund can afford?


fCh said...

One of the problems Microsoft would have in buying Yahoo! is the touted synergy (e.g. in advertising and R&D).

While it's hard to see what synergy one can extract from advertising, trying to join the two R&D departments would be akin to a catastrophe.

The only way I can see something of value happen from a Microsoft-yahoo! tie-up would be to LEAVE Yahoo! alone and only mine its customer info.

fCh said...

Since Yahoo! formally rejected Microsoft's offer, unless its management has something in the works to soon talk about (i.e. a credible alternative to Microsoft,) YHOO is likely to drop slightly lower than pre-offer levels.

fCh said...


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