Follow up to: Is Redmond Adopting Win-Win Strategies?

Last May on this blog, I called readers' attention to a new Redmond strategy whereby Microsoft was ready to invest IP-capital into start-ups. Time has come for step #2 in the strategy implementation: Co-opting European and Asian governments as proxies for Microsoft strategy. According to Brad Smith, general counsel with the company, "By extending the reach of IP Ventures through government agencies, we believe new businesses will bring more technology to market, faster, and they'll also contribute back to local economies."

Probably, folks at Microsoft have understood that , outside the US, entrepreneurial culture, or lack thereof, ought to be complemented by government action. Not to mention the good deeds the company may be generating at a time when its redress from monopolist behavior is received with skepticism.

Original posting: Is Redmond Adopting Win-Win Strategies?

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