Another (insider) perspective on HP

Addendum to previous postings on HP.

This is a link to the story told by an ex-HP research scientist who left the Company in 2003 due to the wind of change brought about by Ms. Fiorina. It becomes apparent, when reading the story, the modest opinion folks at HP's have about marketing types. However, in the end, it is the task of the CEO to understand where the strengths of a company lie and act accordingly. Yes, Lou Gerstner made research at IBM more profitable, but that did not come at such an expense for the scientists themselves. Moreover, Lou understood what proved to be initially not so obvious strengths and weaknesses in the IBM portfolio--mainframes, and services, respectively. I am only left to wonder, who cashed in the check for the post-merger integration of HP and Compaq...

P.S. Go Carly, word has it, world hunger is next in line for you!

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